>>> Cross the Nyékonakpoé-Kodjoviakopé neighborhoods in Lomé, the
>> Capital
>>> Togo in the east-west direction, towards Aflao in Ghana, even
>> provided
>>> Of your identity papers, you are surprised that the transition is
>> not
>>> Licenses; not in the refusal of the military stationed along both
>>> Boundaries; but a toasting belt makes you obstacle. a
>> grid
>>> Controlled iron of an electronic system, separates you from the city
>>> Nearby. Thus, families separated by borders
>>> Colonial experience in the nose after the insult. They are forced to
>>> Around the fence, go to the main border crossing,
>>> Browsing distances; sometimes reaching km - to
>> Foot -
>>> For a simple message to deliver to a family member
>> Resident
>>> The other side of the border, yet in the face. And also at
post >>
>>> Main border Aflao, it is not safe rigidity
which >>
>>> Justify the sealing of the border to the length.
>>> The only conclusion:
>>> Instead of ID, sometimes on the head of the way, by
>> a
>>> Discrete requirement of the police force, you will add a room
>>> Money. The practice is known as the Ghana side as the side
>>> Togo: passing the order is ruled by "1000f cfa" or
>>> The equivalent in Cedis (Ghanaian local currency). The look that
>> take
>>> Extortion by the way, leads one to think that it is
>>> Certainly in the spirit of the illicit profit fences
>>> Continue. 13 January 2007, a military detachment of Ghana
>>> Came to participate in the parade of the National Liberation party. not
>> more
>>> Just last week in an interview with "Young
>>> Africa ", the President Faure mentioned his counterpart Kuffor
>> Ghana
>>> As an example. If it is necessary to believe in the existence of good
>>> Relations between the two leaders, one wonders about their point
>>> Okay, if the citizens of the respective countries fail to
>>> Go as it should be, even more
>>> Time integration, the lifting of shields, even virtual, if
>>> Is of important, relevant authorities, the Ministers
>>> Interior and Defence of Togo, should no longer delay
Finally >>
>>> With suspicion. While true that there are strong fears of
>>> Renewed border banditry, but this can not be a
>> due
>>> The isolation of people already battered by colonial history.
>>> According to Lome, roasting serves as a barrier to defend
>>> Territorial integrity. But the questions posed by each
>> the
>>> Other and remain quite relevant: "the grid he protects At?
>> a
>>> Brother of "Le Monde Diplomatique" to write, there is always the
>> Breaches,
>>> Or more sophisticated weapons to cross. Yet Lome
>>> Like Baghdad, bears the scars of intolerance, dictatorship
>>> Even though the time seems to be over, the ready indifference to it
>>> Believe. "What have we done to deserve such a fate?" Lament
>>> Inflicted. "Simple
>>> Fences symbolically represent the concrete of the Berlin Wall.
>> A
>>> Route along the border helps to realize it. good
>>> Number of once flourishing business: drinking establishment,
>> Bakery, ...
>>> Threw the key under doormats, in a country where wages
>> the
>>> Public servants are regularly pain and 70%
>>> Activity is carried out, for now, in the informal sector.
>>> Lome, Togo, January 14, 2007
>>> T. K. Blaise Ayegnon
>>> Investigative Journalists Network - Togo Bureau (RJI-BT)
>>> Tel: 00228 921 42 93
>>> BP 12719 Lomé
>>> Local Coordinator

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