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This Friday, January 30, 2015 in Lomé, took place the launch of the "promotion of the right to employment of persons with disabilities" by the US Embassy in Togo. The cost is estimated at Thirty-3004-104 eighty thousand dollars or about seventeen million CFA francs for a period of 18 months.

According to Ms. Dana Banks, First Counsellor of the Embassy of the United States in Togo, this funding will enable the recipient including FETAPH (Togolese Federation of the Disabled Association), to provide investment services to people with disabilities Togo, work with employers and community leaders to highlight the value of hiring these workers. Strongly committed to accompanying persons with disabilities, this funding is within the component "democracy fund and human right."

The Fund Democracy and Human Rights is a funding program which aims to encourage initiative in democratic development and improvement of human rights in the areas of legal rights, improve the judicial system and legislative, civic and other education.

In 2006, the Special Self Help Program Ambassador financed and distributed wheelchairs tricycles for disabled people.

In 2007, the Democracy Fund and Human Rights has allowed the FETAPH to train officials Associations disabled people of the five regions in the knowledge of their rights and duties.


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