TechCamp Embassadors

Act with caution in West Africa
What hope for behavior change on the part of civil society?

Internet, a development tool. The different actors in this field do they manage to take ownership?

There is also fairly seasoned skills for mastery of the Internet in West Africa, the inventory down to a serious and thoughtful awareness. So it is urgent to take necessary precautions internet prosperity.

effectively against this fact, a crucial need for training.

Upgrading rehabilitation of Internet data by experts from Google, Vodafone, Microsoft was offered to participants Tech Camp West Africa including an editor of LOEILDAFRIQUE newspaper.

Tech Camp West Africa 2015, clearly, means knowledge of new issues of social entrepreneurship through internet tools applied in various fields of journalism, economics, agriculture, .... Accra, the capital of Ghana, West Africa hosted the ambassadors TechCamp ..

From different backgrounds, each of the participants in the meeting organized by the United States of America may well take advantage of this new message and the digital world issues, remotivé for development. Rehabilitate the Internet and new technologies to universal prosperity requires approaches which we will in the coming days. A new era of thinking that can lead to empowerment ...

Yérima Amidatou



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