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As part of efforts to promote African dishes and culture, Winners Partners Groupe, a Pan-African group in West Africa, has organized Troofe Festival, the biggest African food festival.

Dubbed “The African TROOFE soups fair”, it brought together nationalities from about eight West African countries to one venue where they had the opportunity to sample healthy African dishes and share culture.

Operations Manager of Winners Partner Groupe, Mrs Eppromo Edwige stated that the event was an opportunity for all lovers of African dishes to tickle the palate.

She advised women especially the young ones to reduce fast foods intake as much as possible and rather focus their eatery line more on African dishes that would go a long way to avert the many degenerative disease that have emerged as a result of high consumption fast food.

“Trôofê village is the platform for African artists to perform and make participants enjoy the depths of African traditions” she emphasized.

There was the free flow of palmwine to mouth watering aromatic pots and rhythmic African beats.

Families represented in their numbers as they took part in traditional games such as Ludo, Oware and draughts

A Culinary competition between young women aged 20 to 25 from the different countries was also organized and winners were awarded.

Restaurants like Chez Clarisse Mama Africa, Tante Marie among others were also on the stands to give flavors to Trôofê patrons.

Ghanaian Highlife great Nana Fynn also graced the event with moving performances of his big hits such as "Odo Handkerchief" and "Menkoa".

Trôofê means ’’tasty soups’’ and for four years has been been gathering the African and European community in Accra.

TRÔOFÊ for the past four years has always climaxed wowed patrons with a befitting dancing dubbed ‘’Bal Poussière‘’ (Dust Dancing) immersing them with vintage music from the deepest Africa.

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