Revitalize the national economy at the continued deterioration of bank portfolios

The funding is vital for the private sector. In developed and emerging countries, financial institutions play a key role in the start-up of the country's activities through private companies without funding, are struggling to innovate with insufficient working capital. This is not without adverse consequences for the country's economic growth.
In Togo, the sustainable development challenges are enormous in a re-export economy: the Kara Market Fire and Lomé impact the economic environment, and have the motivation disappear, prospective acceleration lever related to private activities on the national economy; Nana Benz have lost their motivations, financing to the private sector is virtually paralyzed. Regarding the startup, bankers are skeptical about the productivity of investments.
To identify the reasons for the difficulty of corporate finance, to discuss the economic implication, weak banking finance companies, a symposium held on "the problems of bank financing of the private sector in Togo at the Sancta Maria hotel in Lome, this August 25, 2016.
Participants should at the end of activities to propose solutions and make recommendations to the place of actors and partners involved in the financing of companies that are ADB, BOAD, the World Bank, microfinance institutions .... This is a recurring exercise when countries emerging from long crises of fragile states with multidimensional challenges.
The issue of accessibility to financing remains valid especially when it comes from the private sector. It is true that the bank is willing to extend credit, provided that the borrower can present the necessary guarantees for the repayment, faced with the obligation of deposit and guarantee the restitution of the funds.
To search for the solution to the economic and financial crisis, it is no lie, you have to ask the right diagnosis: the multifaceted crisis impacts the direct investment in Togo.
If the socio-political climate allowed the profitability of even the bean retailer could get by. Segregation of loan agreement that favors a category in the distribution of national wealth is démotivateur a spirit of competitiveness and fairness, as well gangrening burnt profitability, essential vector of growth without which the solvency private companies linked to its own set of specifications, falls overboard and a social ladder collapses as well. Unfortunately this is the case they dare not invoke fear of bring back the old demons.
At the same time that the initiators of this conference autopsient incongruities related to dysfunction of the macroeconomic framework, the errors sources were quick to persevere: some private media outlets that already bleed to sit a private company were sidelined accountability of all rights of the organizers of this meeting. Alas, the same causes produce the same effects.
What private sector company can she hope to repay a loan or grant to them granted by some financial institutions, to the extent that consumers have lost purchasing power due to the disappearance of the middle class and rising manifesto of the lower class, the leading cause of non-viability of companies?
The economy and finances are not just the business of banks is primarily a company matter, mentality, a mindset that we must breathe, and that comes naturally environmental circumstances favorable to growth no one is pushed to force things.
The finding today, there are also too many financial speculation in banks increasing reimbursement rates when domestic economic growth is less than 7%, the loans are repaid at almost 17%. What a paradox? How can we hope to repay a loan to these conditions, if we do not the borrower an eternal slave?
The problem remains insofar monetary circulation is impeded by the concentration in one place, in the hands of the same entities of all the financial powers. This book most of the economic actors to the slowdown in their work, preventing them from being productive. An attitude against which bank charges are powerless. Why there has been several changes in the banking service by the current government of Faure Gnassingbé. In reality, the reordering seriously has the lead in the wing, set up strong and viable institutions capable of exercising ethics is a bet to win.
Appropriate today for the Togolese sure to turn to the export of local products in growth markets, in the absence of a local market revitalized ...
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Revitalize the national economy at the continued deterioration of bank portfolios
Revitalize the national economy at the continued deterioration of bank portfolios
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